Eric Marrian


CARRÉ BLANC The series was an immediate success when first shown in 2005. Eric Marrian was clearly recognized as being original in the way he portrays the body and deals with the universal but difficult genre of nude photography. 'Carré Blanc' represents a new approach, which is sometimes endearing, always sharp and exacting, and designed to amuse. Marrian looks with the eye of the architect and celebrates the science of volumes and the geometry of bodies for the eye of a modern-day public that knows no taboos. Above all, he shows a new body, shaped by the lens, a body he sees and reveals like the parts of a large puzzle and approaches like a playground; a body that is never shown in its entirety but in segments, fragmented, as if hewn from stone and usually pale in complexion. In short, a ludic, sculptural, exalted and self-sufficient body. Part of the charm of ‘Carré Blanc’ derives from the fact that the series constitutes a humorous and poetic grammar of sensual elements, with imaginary landscapes and unexpected reliefs. They describe a region that is both familiar and untrodden. With Marrian the female body, the photographic subject par excellence, is stripped of eroticism. It is tangible but pared down to all but the essentials. He chooses the game and the allegory, he celebrates the metaphors of the flesh. There is nothing obscene about exploring a body which has been taken apart and put together again, which with its intellectual games, charades and spiritual landscapes sometimes closely resembles the world of the surrealists. It is also a spiritualized body, which hints at the presence of things and the spirit of the work behind the physical frame. The photographs give the woman’s body the sort of depth, density and texture that is rare with nude photographers. Curves which escape and spill out into melodies or into interrupted arabesques and broken lines, studies of curvatures and creases, hands and forearms folded over supple flesh, etc. Replete with nooks and angles, sections and perspectives, this body follows some secret geometric pattern. We suspect it is a clever surveyor, disguised as a photographer, who has brought to life this dismembered and yet complete body, someone who favours the fragment over the whole, someone with an eye for detail, even for the smallest piece of skin or muscle, the tiniest hair, elevated to a sort of absurd poetry. 

There is no lack of spirit in these limbs! That is what ‘Carré Blanc’ is about: nudity in which the grammar of the body transcends sexual nudity, nudity which prompts reflection and celebrates the metamorphoses of body and soul. 

David Brunat


ERIC MARRIAN Jahrgang 1959, ist studierter Architekt. Zum Jahrtausendwechsel entschloss er sich seinen Beruf aufzugeben und sich ganz der Fotografie zuzuwenden. Eine alte Liebe und Leidenschaft die ihn seit seiner Studienzeit begleitet. Im Jahr 2003 begann er mit einer Serie über die französische Stadt Saint Malo. Danach arbeitete er im Studio und die Dinge kamen schnell ins Rollen: Er gewann den Wettbewerb BIEVRES, veröffentlichte wiederholt in Fachzeitschriften und durfte auf Einladung der Organisatoren auf dem ‘Le Salon des Artistes Français’ seine Werke ausstellen. Ende 2005 folgten die Aufnahmen zur Serie "Carré Blanc". Mit den ersten Bildern dieser Serie gewann er ein Jahr später das Europäische Festival der Aktfotografie in Arles. Seither ist die Serie "Carré Blanc" in der Öffentlichkeit und unter Kritikern hoch angesehen. Die Arbeiten wurden in zahlreichen Ausstellungen vorgestellt und fanden ihren Weg in die kulturellen Zentren Paris, Venedig und Moskau. Eric Marrian ist international prämiert von der ‘Association des Artistes Français‘ und erhielt Dotationen von Kodak-portra sowie Leica-Procirep.
Im Jahr 2010 erschienen erste Mode-Editorials und mit seinem eigenwilligen Blick machte er sich daran diese Welt für sich zu erobern. Ein Jahr später begann er eine neue Serie in Farbe - "Javel", 2011. Entstanden sind die Bilder auf Polaroid-Material und wurden in einem aufwendigen chemischen Verfahren manuell bearbeitet.
Eric Marrian`s Fotografien werden regelmäßig weltweit in Kunst- und Lifestyle Magazinen veröffentlicht: Elle (Russia), Réponses Photo (France), The Photographer’s Companion (China), Photo + (Korea), Digital Photo (Russia), Playboy (Russia), The Opera (Germany),…

Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography
VOL. I, October 2012

M6, Avril 2010 



September-November, «Carré Blanc» - solo exhibition at the Gallery Greter Art, Kiev, Ukraine
June-September, «Carré Blanc» - solo exhibition at the Young Gallery, Brussels
May-June, «Carré Blanc» - exhibition at the Quai Est Gallery, Ivry sur Seine, France
February-April, «Javel» - exhibition at the Young Gallery in Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium
March-April, «Carré Blanc» at the ARTPARIS show at the Grand-Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, Paris
March-May, exhibition at the Hania Bailly Contemporary Gallery, Genova
November, PHOTO OFF - La Belleviloise, Paris
November, Month of Photography - Le Pershing Hall dedicate its space during the event, Paris
October, «Carré Blanc» at the YAROSLAVL ART MUSEUM - group exhibition, Russia
May, «Carré Blanc» decorate Le Pershing Hall, Paris
May, «Carré Blanc» - exhibition at the 2.36 Gallery, Moscow
September, «Carré Blanc» - exhibition at the Enora Gallery, Paris
December, Nikon exhibition’s at the European Home Photography, Paris
«Carré Blanc» - exhibition at the Verdeau Gallery, Paris
May, «Carré Blanc» - exhibition at the European Festival Nude Photo, Arles
exhibition at the Salon des Artistes Français, Paris

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