Sara Punt's work is characterized by strong black and white contrasts and bodies that take on abstract shapes. Through her history in dance she formed an intimate relationship with the human body’s ability to express.
This bodily expression was something she deeply missed after realizing dancing was no longer an option. “For years I felt incredibly lost in my skin, searching for a way to meet myself in my human form again. Teaching myself the art of photography was the key to achieving that. It gave me the opportunity to explore the human essence, body and form, and transfigure what I discovered into art that embodies both the light and dark sides of my being.”

Even though her work is purely photographic, she looks at bodies more like a sculptor than a photographer. During the shooting process she devotes her time creating the abstract shapes and forms you can find in her work. She draws inspiration from dancers, sculptors, the principles of Surrealism and the personal stories of her models.
“I strive to create a distant reality through aesthetically abstracting the human form in order to not only see the body for what it is, but also all the things it could possibly become as multifaceted beings.”





Charmed by the Snake

I believe that the human body is not innately sexual. I also believe our sexual energy to be extremely powerful, freeing and healing.
After “In the Absence of Eye” I felt a deep desire to create a space in which I can explore the multifaceted quality of our sexuality as I’m actively healing that part of myself.In this on-going series “Charmed by the Snake” I explore sexuality, BDSM, intimacy and everything eroticism as I strive to honor that side of my own journey in this highly intimate and personal series.

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20 x 30 cm
7.87 x 11.81 in.
Edition of 10
40 x 60 cm
15.75 x 23.62 in.
Edition of 7
60 x 90 cm
23.62 x 35.43 in.
Edition of 3
90 x 130 cm
35.43 x 51.18 in.
Edition of 2

All works are Archival Pigment prints, floating in an all black wooden frame behind museums glass. 

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The definition of Polymorphism is “the quality or state of existing in or assuming different forms”. This ongoing collaboration between Marlou Fernanda and myself is about realizing there is not only one ‘you’. There are dozens of versions of who you think you are, who you used to be and who you could possibly become that all live together in the same body.

Accepting who you really are lies in accepting that you exist in all those different versions, yet none of those versions is who you truly are.

In the Absence of Eye

"This was my very first series I ever created. In this series I focussed on abstracting the human form away from the sexual gaze and the preceptions that were created through trauma, upbringing and social media. I depicted the body in a specific, abstract way, turning it into an independent shape or work of art that creates a certain distance between person and body. This process contributes to disconnecting the body from the ideas that have been projected onto it. By doing so, the body can be accepted and turned into the artwork it truly is."

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